Reception Planner

Here is a reception planner that I used for the first six years of my business. Print this out and use it when you are away from the computer. Write down everything here and then place it on your wedding web portal.

Name E-mail 

Reception Date DJ Hours

Address with City, State, and Zip Code

Home Phone Number Other Phone Number

Where will the wedding reception be held?

# of Guests: Ages Give Away Centerpieces? Yes No

Will I Be playing during cocktails ? Yes No         If yes, how long?:

Preferred Music During Cocktails:

Shall I introduce the Bridal Party as you enter the reception? Yes No
(please type names as you would want them to be introduced)

Wedding Party Intro music

Would you like separate music for the bride/groom entrance? Yes No

If yes, please specify:

Parents of the Bride

*** Use the lines below if parents are divorced, separated, or if only one is living.

Mother of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Parent(s) of the Groom

*** Use the lines below if parents are divorced, separated, or if only one is living.

Mother of the Groom

Father of the Groom

This is the traditional order that the wedding party enters the wedding reception hall. Please match the Bridesmaids with which usher(s) they will walk with.

Flower Girl: Ring Bearer:
Bridesmaid 1: Groomsman 1:
Bridesmaid 2: Groomsman 2:
Bridesmaid 3: Groomsman 3:
Bridesmaid 4: Groomsman 4:
Bridesmaid 5: Groomsman 5:
Bridesmaid 6: Groomsman 6:
Bridesmaid 7: Groomsman 7:
Bridesmaid 8: Groomsman 8:
Bridesmaid 9: Groomsman 9:
Bridesmaid 10: Groomsman 10:
Maid Matron : Best Man:
Maid 2: Matron 2: Best Man 2:
Bride & Groom to be introduced as:

***Some couples choose to do the formal dance before the toast and dinner. Would you like to do that or proceed with the toast, dinner, and cake cutting?   Formal Dances Before Dinner Formal Dances After Dinner

Introduce Toast? Yes No
Speakers name(s):

Who will give the blessing or grace?

Plan on about 1 hour for a buffet dinner, 2 hours for a sit-down dinner, and 5 minutes for each event or dance thereafter.

Cake Cutting Music Selection:

First Dance Song:

Father/Daughter Dance Song Selection:
Mother/Groom Dance Song Selection:
Bridal Party Song Selection:

To break the ice, I invite everyone on the dance floor for a slow song then play a more up tempo/dance song. Would you like me to do this?

Yes, please play an Ice Breaker Song No, thank you
If  you said yes, please choose the song below or have Jim to pick one for you

After about a half hour of dancing other events you may or may not do:

Garter Removal: Yes No   Music: 

Bouquet Toss: Yes No      Music:  

Garter Toss: Yes No         Music: 

Garter Dressing: Yes No   Music: 

Money Dance? Yes No     Music: 

Would you like other participation dances? Yes No
Electric Slide Achy Breaky Macarena Chicken Dance YMCA  Hora Tarantella Cha Cha Slide Cupid Shuffle Nae Nae


Where will you be Honeymooning:

Last Song of the night?

Any other notes or comments: