Wedding Hints and Helpers

Let Jim Casey use his 20+ years experience to help and advise you for planning your wedding reception beyond music.

This section has been helping brides from Maine to Florida get valuable wedding planning information without being overwhelmed. These are brief articles on over 20 topics ranging from catering to photography and music tips.

If you are in need of more information than is provided here, it may be best to consult a certified wedding planner. The best in the business can help lead a bride through a stress-free wedding day.

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Choosing Your Wedding Date
Is Saturday the only day to be married on?

Wedding Insurance
What if the unthinkable happens and you need to cancel your wedding due to a family illness? What if a wedding vendor happens to suddenly go out of business? What would you do? See why wedding insurance is worth it!

Bridal Emergency Kit
For many brides, this is a lifesaver!

Wedding Attire
What should I wear? What should he wear? Are sweatpants acceptable?

Wedding Cakes
Four thousand dollars ($4000.00) for a cake??? Are you serious?

Dominos Pizza Delivery is acceptable, right???

Reception Guest Seating
Did you know that an incorrect seating plan for your guests can spell disaster as well as create a ringing of the ears?

Children at the Wedding and Reception
Kids running around uncontrollably is not in my vision of the perfect wedding day! Help!

A great guide to help you understand the meaning of flowers you select for your wedding.

Wedding Reception & Sites
A brief guide on picking your reception hall and choosing reception events.

Outdoor Weddings
What are the advantages and disadvantages to an outdoor wedding?

Make sure the pictures look the way you want them to!

Hair & Makeup
What will help me look pretty?

Limousines and Carriages
Why can’t I just drive to the wedding in my ’77 Ford Pinto?

Processional Order
Is there a preferred order for our processional?

Ceremony Music
What? I can’t hear Party Rock Anthem as I walk down the aisle?

Reception Schedule
So you think you have it all figured out, eh? Well, check out this table that demonstrates how quickly six hours can pass at a wedding reception.

Great Wedding Day Tips
Some sensible advice on staying calm and having fun while preparing for the big day!

Hey, I’m married now! Hold all my calls and I’ll see you next month!

Name Changes
What happens if I change my name? To Hyphen-ate, or not to hyphenate