Wedding Cakes

1. The Tradition

How did we ever get into the wedding cake tradition anyway?

This sounds like a scene from the Flintstones but, during the days of the Roman empire, wedding cakes were traditionally broken over the head of the new Bride by her Groom.

Maidens (bridesmaids) would then scramble for pieces of cake, and take them home for good luck. Even though times have changed, wedding cakes do occasionally get smashed by newlyweds into each other’s faces during the cake cutting ceremony!

Before you do, remember how much that Wedding Gown cost!

2. Types of cakes

Wedding cakes are now available in a variety of flavors (cheesecake, carrot, chocolate, etc.), and may have the personalities of the newlyweds represented as a theme on the cake top.

In fact, one bride and groom in 2003 had a unique idea. They were in love with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They had 144 Doughnut holes placed together with honey. Thus, they had 144 even “slices” for their guests.

Rather than “cutting the cake”, the bride and groom literally took two doughnut holes off the top of their cake and fed each other in the traditional fashion.

3. Save Money on Your Cake

With the cost of a cake between $300-3000 and more (based on $2.50 and $6 per person), here is a cost saving tip.

Did you know that most of the cost of a wedding cake is not the cake itself? Rather it is the time taken to decorate the cake. Decorating a large cake takes longer than decorating a small cake.

You can cut that cost all the way down to a mere 50 cents per person by having two cakes. Have a small, beautifully decorated cake to photograph and perform your cake cutting ceremony with. Serve your guests slices of a second plain sheet cake only seen and cut in the kitchen. Your guests will never know that it didn’t come from the cake you and your spouse just sliced.

You could realize a savings of as much as $300 based on 150 guests.

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