Children at the Wedding

You have planned the fairy tale wedding of your dreams! It is a gorgeous day, you are preparing to walk down the aisle to marry your soul mate. Everything is perfect.

Suddenly, you hear an ear-shattering scream. Then, lots more screams from younger children.

Chances are, your wedding will include children, even if you haven’t really planned on it. Many brides and grooms will use their invitation to request that children are not to be brought to the wedding. Sometimes this is politically and practically impossible. It’s a fact that there are many on your guest list who will need to bring their children (especially infants) for a variety of reasons.

If planner properly however, children can be a wonderful and fun part of your wedding day. The key is to provide a high level of entertainment with low level of supervision.

Create A Special Table Just For Kids

Having a table just for the younger guests makes them feel more involved in your big day and usually will make them less obtrusive.

Some ideas for the table include covering the table with white paper which will allow the children write on it, play tic-tac-toe, or just draw pictures.

Make sure to include refreshments suitable for the younger kids such as Fruit snack packs, drink boxes, etc Avoid chocolate and nuts as some kids are allergic to nuts and chocolate will only give get the children hyper and defeat the purpose of the table.

Gift Bags

This is the same concept as having gift bags for kids at a birthday party. Include a stick-on nametag, small party favors and other things that would be appropriate for your wedding. Gift bags come in many different styles and colors. You should be able to choose one that will coordinate with your wedding decor.


Designate a person to supervise children’s activities at the kid’s table, or if practical, in a separate room.

Have the babysitter oversee activities that are somehow related to the events of the day. Have the kids draw a picture of the bride and groom or write a letter to the bride and groom congratulating them on their big day.

Ask each child how they know the bride and/or groom. Are any of the children related? Do they know where the newlyweds are going on their honeymoon.

While we know it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the proper behavior of their children, you can help create a special memory for them by taking a small amount of time plan for their Entertainment too.

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