Outdoor Weddings: Pros and Cons 2

7. Did someone forget to use deodorant???
Love the smell of cow manure??? Check to see if your location is near a pasture where horse/cow manure is common. At other outdoor locations, trash cans may be upwind from where the guests will be seated. MMM…spoiled milk smell in 90 degree weather! I can just taste it now…

8. Tent Rentals
Check tent rental prices before planning an outdoor ceremony/reception to prevent sticker shock at the last minute.

9. More Weather Problems, etc
Lightning is the number one concern here. Here in Sarasota and Bradenton, we could have it be 95 degrees with humidity of 75% from May through October, or in rare cases in the wintertime,  only 50 and windy. Many times, there is the threat of a torrential downpour taking place during your ceremony.

Weather forecasters are right about 90% of the time in a 48 hour forecast. It’s the other 10% that seems unavoidable.

As previously stated, have Plan B available just in case the weatherperson was someone that looks younger than the legal drinking age!

To ensure the wind will not wreak havoc, use heavy table items (large flower vases and no paper napkins), and pin or bolt down everything down that can be pinned or bolted down. Space heaters between each table near the dance floor and sweaters/coats are nice touches to increase the comfort level on a cold day.

For outdoor Brides, Bridal veils will blow in the direction of the wind. At an outdoor wedding ceremony, a Bride might prefer to be on the downwind side of the person accompanying her down the isle, and on the downwind side of her soon-to-be husband during the actual wedding ceremony.

Watch that wedding cake on a windy day. Have you ever seen the video of the bridge collapse in Washington State that collapsed in just 40 mph winds the first day of its operation??? If a 40 mph wind could demolish that bridge, what would it do to your cake? Also, the tablecloth on the cake table could blow upwards and hit the cake

Rented tents, canopies, and/or tables with umbrellas are popular items to protect Guests from extreme heat, a bright sun, and those pesky ultraviolet rays. Large trees are popular options, but usually require a series of successful environmental impact studies before renting.

If you have your wedding in a park with a pond or other water backdrop, make certain that the water WILL NOT BE DRAINED the day of your event. I had this happen to a close friend of mine. The backdrop was ruined by seeing the muddy bottom of the park pond rather than the lovely water.

Other considerations at Outside Events include food (keep it simple?), a keg of beer (a refreshing idea!), and always keep the bar/dance area/music area together (a must!!!).

Outdoor wedding ceremonies/receptions can be very special and magical events. Bed and Breakfasts, mansions, parks, and personal residences can provide a wonderful ambiance quite different from the more familiar church/banquet room settings.

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