Photography & Videography

I’m sure the first thing that jumps out at you is the photo to the left.  I found this on a Photographer’s website (NOT IN FLORIDA) and wanted to a.) bring a little levity b.) warn you that there are nutcases that take these kinds of photos out there.

Fortunately, most photographers know their limits.

A growing trend is for newlyweds to take pictures prior to their ceremony. This allows more time after the ceremony for visiting with friends and relatives. Another popular trend is to have one disposable camera, or a new roll of film, at each reception table to allow friends to capture informal pictures.

When choosing a photographer, check samples of their previous work and clearly understand their price and payment schedules. Also remember that a professional wedding photographer should be an active participant in the wedding day activities, thought not so much as to intrude or dominate the Bride and Groom’s available time.

One other important factor is the time of year that you book your photographer for. The fact is that from late April until mid-June, there is a lucrative business called prom season. Some photographers take advantage of this fact and will “dump” you to shoot a school prom. While this is a terribly unethical act, it is not uncommon. Fortunately, the photographers listed in my preferred professionals page will NOT do that to you, neither will this DJ service!

Before selecting a professional videographer, check references from friends and your photographer. It is important that your professional photographer and videographer are able to work together in harmony. Also check with the ceremony location in advance to learn if there are any video restrictions.

Determine in advance if the video producer you are considering to contract will be using professional video equipment, or cameras that are available at inexpensive department stores. Ask about the training of the actual camera person and the video editor. Finally, inquire if they will be using bright lighting equipment that may affect the comfort of your guests.

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