Reception Schedule

One thing that I have always done for my brides and grooms is put together a complete wedding reception schedule. This way, I can coordinate with the rest of the wedding vendors to assure you that we are all on the same page the day of your wedding.

This schedule assumes a 5:00pm wedding with 100 guests enjoying a buffet dinner at the reception. Notice how quickly six hours passes with all of these events.

5:00pm   Wedding Ceremony (if DJ is providing)
6:00pm   Cocktail Time Begins
6:45pm   Start of Reception with Bridal Party Entrance/Introductions
6:50pm   Toast by Best Man
6:55pm   Dinner may be preceded by Blessing
Buffet dinners avg. 1 hour, sit-down dinners avg. 2 hours
8:00pm   Cake Cutting Ceremony
8:05pm   First Dance for Newlyweds
8:10pm   Father-Daughter Dance (Combined w/Mother-Groom)
8:15pm   Mother-Groom Dance
8:20pm   Bridal Party Dance
8:25pm   Ice-Breaker Dance (Usually to a Slower song)
8:30pm   Open Dancing
9:30pm   Bouquet/Garter Ceremony
9:40pm   Open Dancing
10:55pm   Last Dance of the Night

Add or Subtract any event

One thing to remember is that times and traditions vary by geographic location. What may be a tradition in Sarasota or Bradenton, may not be in Georgia, Alabama, or even as close as Tampa.

As you can see, if you choose to do all of these events, it will be a very busy night for you as well as Jim Casey. Please print this out and carefully look it over to figure out what you would like to do during your reception and when. You are NOT limited to these events only. My job is to customize your wedding reception to YOUR needs. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Generally, during the Open Dancing, my philosophy is to play blocks of music (those with similar sounds or era) and to break them up with a slow song or two. Depending on the crowd and your requests, I may start out with older music that you have selected to help keep yoru older guests and family members involved with your wedding. Then, as the evening progresses,  the music moves  towards today’s hits unless requested otherwise.

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