Wedding Day Tips 2

5. Fun with Disposable Cameras

These sound like relics and in many ways they are. These days, you can purchase these incredibly inexpensively and there are still newlyweds and other party planners that leave one disposable camera available on each dinner table. Not only do these cameras provide guests with something extra to do, they can capture the shots that photographers simply may not have time to get.

Advise guests before your event to use the cameras to take candid pictures of informal and humorous themes. Leave the serious and formal portraits to the professional photographers! Also, have a collection basket on the gift or guest book table for people to return the cameras after all the exposures have been taken.

6. Stay In Touch With Your Wedding/Party Professionals

For your own peace of mind, it is usually a good idea for you to contact your wedding/party professionals on a monthly basis prior to your event. Keep a running list of things to discuss during these communications. You can always keep up to date with Jim Casey by calling 941.227.5900

7. Don’t Micro-Manage Everything!

Listen to the suggestions from your wedding professionals (caterer, photographer, videographer, mobile DJ). These experts can offer solid advice based on many years of experience at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

They have first hand knowledge! They can also probably recommend other vendors to Brides and Grooms based on their professional experiences with these people

8. Stay calm

It should surprise no one that on Wedding Day, many newlyweds are very nervous. The following suggestions are offered as a possible remedy:

  • Simplify your Wedding Day plans. The more details and minute that you include…the better the chance that something will go wrong! Don’t worry about the small stuff!
  • Leave the important details to your Wedding Day professionals (officiant, photographer, caterer, disc jockey, etc.) Arrange for a calm individual to handle last minute details
  • Enjoy a bubble bath/massage the day before your Wedding
  • Take an entire day off from work and wedding planning during the week preceding your Wedding Plan to smile, laugh, and enjoy your Wedding Day
  • Take as many pictures as possible prior to the Wedding Ceremony to allow more free/fun time afterwards Champagne/alcohol/herbal tea/etc.

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