Wedding Day Tips

So, one wedding professional tells you not to use this particular person, and another tells you not to use the one that gave the advice about using that one and….STOP THE INSANITY!

Time out! Take a long, deep breath. Relax! The mirror won’t crack on the reflection of a Bride, Groom, or other party planner if something goes wrong. No one will be doomed to seven years of bad luck! The sun will still rise the next morning! And most importantly, you will still be married to the mate of your dreams.

Listed below are just a few of the most important general suggestions based on seven years of mobile DJ experience and over 160 weddings and counting.

1. Prioritize Fun Over Perfection

Remember Murphy’s Law. You should plan that something unexpected will happen!

Your wedding ceremony might be delayed, the meal might not be available exactly on time, someone might be offended by a song that the DJ or band plays, some drunk uncle may try to cut the buffet line, etc.

If you prioritize fun over everything needing to be perfect, none of these inconveniences will really matter! This means less stress and more happy memories at your special event!

2. Be Flexible

Substitute the word “flexible” for the word “fun” in the above paragraph.

3. Choose Wedding and Party Professionals

Asking Aunt LeeAnn or Uncle Louis to photograph, videotape, bring food, or provide music entertainment at a wedding reception or party might save money in the short run… but remember the old rule of thumb, you get what you pay for (at least most of the time).

By hiring wedding and party professionals, there is more assurance that everything will be done correctly. By giving these same professionals the freedom to do what they are paid to do, they will instinctively know how to react under both normal and unusual circumstances.

4. Work Only With Written Contracts and Agreements

Written contracts are the best way to protect your rights as a wedding consumer. An oral agreement is only worth the paper it is written on! What if a catering director promises one thing, and then quits to work at another location down the street? How will his/her replacement learn of the details that were carefully planned if there are no written agreements? Be consumer savvy. Get all agreements in writing on a contract, piece of paper, or fax, with an original signature.

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