Wedding Insurance

Your wedding day has taken months and months of planning. It is the week of the wedding and suddenly, your father has fallen ill. He is too ill to attend the wedding. What are you to do? Hold the wedding without you father?

If you had to postpone or cancel, do you have the financial resources to cover the cancellation costs or the rescheduling of such a huge event? With the average wedding costing approximately $20,000, my guess is that most people do not. That’s why wedding insurance through a reputable company such as WedSafe is the answer.

While you are not covered because someone got cold feet, many other instances of postponement or cancellation are covered. There are also areas of coverage that you may have never thought of.

1. Out-of-Business Wedding Professionals

You put down a substantial deposit with a band, venue, consultant or other wedding professional and they suddenly go out-of-business. Normally, you would lose all of that money. Wedding Insurance would cover these losses.

2. Photo/Video Problems

Your photographer and videographer worked hard at your wedding to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Two weeks later, the photographer calls and informs you that the film did not print properly or the videographer calls to inform you he/she lost your videotape.

Obviously, Insurance can never recover the photos and video that was recorded, but they can reimburse you for loss of those services.

WedSafe Wedding Insurance will go as far as having your wedding party get together again to take replacement photographs. Please read their policy for more details.

3. Wedding Attire Issues

Gowns and Tuxedos that are damaged, lost, or stolen is generally covered by this type of insurance. Please read policy details.

4. Wedding Gifts

Gifts received at a wedding are covered too. Say a table collapses and breaks all of the breakables inside the gift boxes, you are covered.

5. Professional Counseling

Planning a wedding is an emotionally draining experience. Having to cancel a wedding is simply overwhelming. That’s why wedding insurance from WedSafe will cover the cost of Professional Counseling.

6. Liability Insurance

This is a separate insurance offered by WedSafe. While most good wedding vendors will have their own form of liability insurance (Jim Casey has a $1,000,000 liability policy) it is not a bad idea to have that extra security blanket.

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