Wedding Procession Order

The following is a typical order to a wedding Processional. It can certainly be modified based on your particular situation.

1. The groom, best man and Officiant enter by using a side door or in the case of an outdoor wedding are there in advance of all others. They will stand facing the guests.

2. Groomsman escorts the grandmother(s) of the bride to their seats.

3. Usher escorts the grandmother(s) of the groom to their seats.

4. Usher escorts the mother of the groom to her seat.

5. Usher escorts the mother of the bride to her seat.

6. The ushers walk down the aisle and/or escort the bridesmaids, then stand next the groom and best man and face the guests.

7. If not done previously, the bridesmaids walk down the aisle.

8. The maid/matron of honor walks down the aisle.

9. The ring bearer walks down the aisle with the flower girl. Sometimes they will walk separately with the ring bearer first, then the flower girl.

10. The father of the bride escorts the bride down aisle.

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